Month: July 2018

Benefits of Fishing

Fishing is a group and an individual sport regardless of a person’s age. People are intrigued enough to gather around and watch others land fish. Companies make beginning angler kits for tots and toddlers so they can participate in the action. Additional reasons people enjoy this outdoor activity include fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D.…

Catch a Pompano

Florida pompano like the water temperatures to be between the mid 75 degrees and 65 degrees. This is when they are most actively feeding. If the water temperatures climb to above 80 degrees or down to the low 50’s they can die. One of the keys to finding where these fish are is to find the right water temperatures.…

Start Fishing As a Hobby

Research the best rod and reel for you and off you go. Fishing tackle shops will be able to offer advice on equipment and you will pick up more tips along the way. Your equipment does not have to be expensive, particularly for hobby fishing. Research reviews on the various size fishing rods, the type of fish you will likely be after locally, and just ensure that you have a decent quality reel.…

Taking the Plunge Into


This knot is tied using two unequal lines of different size and material.


Two lines are joined together in this type.

Double Uni:

This is the easiest possible fishing knot as it simply combines’ two lines together.

J Knot:

This type is a strong leader of the line knot.…